“Such serendipity is the reason a meal at Verjus should be on the to-do list of anyone who’s Paris-bound anytime soon.” – SAVEUR

“The new American tastemakers in Paris” – NY TIMES

“10 best French restaurants in Paris.” – CNN

“Masterful seven-course tasting menu… beautiful wines.” – LE FOODING 2014

“***** Verjus is a genuine thrill” – TIME OUT

“An evening at Verjus is not just a dinner, it’s an experience.” – PARIS WEEKENDER

“This is (cosmopolitan American) food worth crossing the atlantic for.” – BON APPETIT

“25 restaurant dishes worth a trip to Paris.” – THE PARIS KITCHEN

“Verjus offers French-style food with menus that change every month, according to what’s in season.” – USA TODAY

“Thanks to Chef Braden Perkins’ culinary wizardry, I left feeling revived and thankful to live in a city with such talented chefs.” – LOST IN CHEESELAND

“The produce is French, and seasonal, but the point of view is American, with big, culture-crossing flavors.” – GIRLS GUIDE TO PARIS

“Hurry, this won’t be a secret address for long!” – DEPARTURES

“…every dish was of top quality, inventive and perfectly balanced.” – PARIS UPDATE

“Paris’s best new restaurants.” – FODORS

“Verjus is special. The love and hard work that Braden and Laura have put into this beautiful restaurant has not gone unnoticed.” – AMY GLAZE

“The intense, highly textured food is some of the most daring you’ll find in the city.”

“Tout est délicieux et très joliment présenté.” – LE FOODING 2013

“Perkins is set to become one of the most interesting young chefs in Paris right now.”

“This was, in fact, dinner party food, or the dinner party food of powerfully talented cooks, because it was so much more immediate, fragile and personal than restaurant food.”

“Verjus has become a must-visit for Americans traveling to Paris, who typically make their dinner reservations soon after buying plane tickets. ” – ENTREPRENEUR

“…du monde dans tous les coins, des New-Yorkais preppy, des foodies anglais, des zazous parisiens, des serveurs roumains, italiens, néo-zélandais…” – L’EXPRESS

“The couple behind Hidden Kitchen now has a very public showcase for the bold, refined, contemporary American cooking that earned them a loyal following over the years.”

“If you have one meal to have in Paris, make it here.” – STACY SNACKS


“Top 10 Paris wine bars.” – THE GUARDIAN

“Great wine bars in Paris.” – TRAVEL+LEISURE

“The fried chicken is already legendary among local foodies and hopefully will remain a staple.” – HIP PARIS

“The French Evolution. Top chefs are opening casual new wine bars.” – AFAR

“The hottest chefs in Paris are making an art of finger food.” – WALL STREET JOURNAL

“Voici les nouvelles planques œnophiles de la capitale. Par principe, elles ont le goût du bon vin mais soignent aussi leurs assiettes.” – LE FIGARO

“I could eat here, at the bar á vin, every night and be completely happy.”

“If Braden were to take the Poulet frit au lait ribot, salade de chou et jalapeno off the menu, crisp-fried chicken with a spicy cabbage salad, there would be a revolution.”

“But the chicken itself – the crispy, sculptural, yet moisture-rich quality of fry – is rave-worthy.” – NOT DRINKING POISON IN PARIS

“Well-chosen selection of fantastic wines from small producers.” – WORLDS BEST BARS